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Rumor: Blood and Chrome to be released this month

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David cgc:
Granted, even the site that posted it is hedging on it, but Aaron "Chief Tyrol" Douglas pointed it out, and he seems to be good about keeping tabs on things. Apparently, "multiple reliable sources" have said Blood and Chrome, the webseries/backdoor pilot/telemovie centering around Bill Adama as a fighter pilot in the first Cylon War, is to be aired/streamed this november, with a DVD/Blu Ray release next month.

It seems reasonable enough to me, given that from all accounts, the movie has been totally complete and ready to air for about eight months, and "The Plan" and "Razor" both came out in November. I'm not saying it makes sense to keep a finished product on the shelf for almost a year because of some pathological need to release BSG telemovies in mid-to-late autumn, but it does seem like the sort of thing that would make sense to the insects skittering around inside the skulls of SyFy Channel executives.

I'll be keeping an eye out

Well this is of interest to the team.

On one hand, we get a bunch of new canon information about 1st Cylon War. On the other hand, we get a bunch of new canon information about the 1st Cylon War. ;)

If Blood and Chrome never got a release, 1CW would remain completely unknown apart from a few hints what might happen in Caprica and the few flashbacks we got in the show. That means we can do and say whatever we liked about it.
 Now we're going to get a bunch of stuff that might contradict our view of what happened (for instance a throwaway line saying that the only battlestars present during the war were 12 Galactica class ones completely contradicts our story that the Theseus saw action during the war).

That said, I've been kinda looking forwards to seeing this and I really hope it's good. It will give us a bunch more stuff to add to Diaspora, most likely.

That probably makes it a good thing R1 wasn't a 1CW campaign after all :p

And if anything, that will bring back yet a little more interest to BSG in general, which can only be good for the subsequent popularity of Diaspora.

There is a BSG feature film in the works as well


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