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The GTaT Normandy is an assault transport system for delivering troops to the battlefield.  Atmosphere capable, each Normandy isn't a single ship, but a system of components.  The three parts of the system are Command, Body, and Drone.  The Command component (nose) houses the pilot, navigator, RIO, second pilot, and drone operator.  Once in the LZ, the Command component, will separate from the Body component and offer fire support while the Body component is remote piloted from the Command component by the second pilot to the LZ.  Before separation, the four drones will launch. These are operated by the drone operator in the Command component.  The drones offer real time battlefield intel and recon and this information is sent directly to the drone operator, site commander for ground forces, and the over all commander of the mission.  Should a commander desire, a fourth component (APC) may be added.   Once on the ground the Armored Personnel Carrier will offer some modicum of protection to the ground forces, who will eventually debark. 

Once in the LZ troops may exit via the side doors on foot, or they may be exitting through the rear ramp in APC's, depending on mission parameters.  Troops may also exit through the rear ramp via limitted range jet pack, the Body component need not be on the ground for this to happen.

Once separated from the Body Component, the Command component raises shields for added protection.  Should the Command component be destroyed at any time, the four drones will self destruct (if they have been launched), and an auto pilot will bring the Body component to the LZ or it will return to the rendezvous point, this decision is left solely to the site commander.

The entire GTaT Normandy system:

The Command component separate from the Body component:

The Drone:

These are the most recent screens, but not the most recent work.

GTaT idea sounds really interesting. Gives awesome mission design opportunities  :yes:

Thanks.  Still plugging away at this thing.


The Nefertiti stealth bomber.


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