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I don't know why but it has a pretty Viper feel for me. You might need to add some sharp edges to separate gun mounts from the main shape of the fighter. Very nice work :yes:

I knew it felt familiar, now that you said Viper i see it.  1978.  Gun mounts will be from a different metal for separation.

ok Finding time to actually do anything is not easy.  But I did find some time to work on the model a bit more.  Added some scales up front for a plate armor feel.

Also some ribs going down the sides as well as a lowering of the upper missile launchers, they aren't as tall as they were:

And then some engine work:

and finally, worked on the wings, slimmed them down a bit, I think that it offers a more sleek look.

I'm still not convinced to shape of the glass. It's bulge-like shape ruins the flow of the fighter that is sleek and slender. I have also one suggestion regarding wings.

Improve shape of the wings like this.

That's all. I'm starting to like this more and more :yes:

I tried the long sweep on the wings, but then opted for the long leading edge from an F/A 18 coupled with a slimmed down version of something akin to the cranked arrow look of the F16XL wings, seen here. 

Now that you mention it, maybe a sleeker cockpit is in order on this fighter, I'll see what I can do on both counts.


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