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What is Hard Light Productions? A quick explanation.

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1. What is FreeSpace?

FreeSpace: The Great War and FreeSpace 2 are mission-based space combat simulators, like X-Wing/TIE Fighter and Wing Commander. Among the greatest games of the genre, they were also effectively the last.

The FreeSpace series follows humanity and their Vasudan allies as they fight to withstand the xenocidal, enigmatic Shivans, a species of unknown origin, vast technological capability, and seemingly limitless malice.

2. What is Hard Light Productions?

HLP is a fan community built on love and open-source code. We're dedicated to bringing modders together and giving them a place to share their own hard work and draw inspiration from the work of others. Thanks to Volition's generosity, we've continued development of FreeSpace 2 as FreeSpace Open, building graphical enhancements to bring the original games up to modern standards, telling new stories set in the FreeSpace universe and original worlds, and creating spectacular total conversions that let players fly in the beloved universes of Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica, Wing Commander, and Star Wars.

3. Why is FreeSpace significant after all these years?

First, the original games were fantastic - a complete package of snappy gameplay, strong writing, and excellent voice casting (particularly in FreeSpace 2). The series' cliffhanger ending triggered years of debate and imagination.

Second, FreeSpace is really easy to mod, and we've only made it easier. FRED, the FreeSpace editor, is a powerful, easy-to-learn tool for mission-building. You can create anything from your wild beam-fueled apocalypse dreams to BioWare-style RPG conversations, from stirring cutscenes to taco shopping. Whether you choose to make and publish your own creations or simply enjoy the vast library of excellent campaigns made by others, there's no denying that HLP's fan works are an essential part of what keeps us a strong fan community.

Lastly, we just haven't seen anything as good as FreeSpace. While the open-world space sim genre has done all right, with FreeLancer, X, and Eve Online among its notables, there simply haven't been any good mission-driven space sims.

4. Sounds cool! Can I join?
HLP welcomes all sorts. Whether you want to make missions, build ships, code improvements to the engine, or simply play play play - we want you on board.

Good Old Games: a 100% legal, DRM-free site that sells both FreeSpace games for cheap. HLP recommends buying FreeSpace here, rather than getting it from other, less legal sources.

Steam: Freespace 2 is also available from Steam, the leading digital distribution platform for PC gaming.

Official New People Thread: Exactly what is says on the tin! Introduce yourself, ask for starting directions, and be saluted by our welcome beams.

Getting Started: What every new member should know about FreeSpace and HLP.

Installing FreeSpace Open: How to install FreeSpace Open. Remember, FSO is not a standalone; you need to legally purchase FreeSpace 2 for it to work!

Battuta's Guide to finding your first (or next!) campaign: A very useful (though not exhaustive) guide to some of our best campaigns. Not sure what to play? Look at the guide and see what sounds interesting- the variety is incredible!

Glossary: List and explanation of commonly used FreeSpace and HLP terms.

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General Battuta:
Did I write some of this or am I just an egomaniac?

Could have... I seem to recall InsaneBaron preparing it on some request from some moderator or other. Probably there was some plan for the post beforehand.

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