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Mech Commander Omnitech 628

(This is another release without testing - no testers interested and I have no time)

Exodus Campaign expanded story by Marceror!

Further expanded with in-mission weapons salvage.
Many bug fixes including resolution detection.

Logistics screens are changed, new art for buttons.

New weapon icon files and new different portrait pics for Artillery, Repair, Minelayer, Scout, new Pictures for old MC1 pilots, improved in mission icons set by Tiberius 44.

List of ALL changes since 559:

- Editor change - max size of trees in forest tool changed from 1.75 to 2.
- Compass removed from the game. Fix - mech inventory list box (change from 556).
- Resolution limited to 2048x1536 for 4:3 (5:4) and 1920x1080 for wide resolutions. Engage/disengage radius in pbrain changed.
- No Ammo icon added to pilot icon - if any weapon is out of ammo - show no ammo icon. All buttonlayout files changed. No ammo icon added to jumpjeticon.tga
- Contact - new way for scaning. Pilot radio sensor contact message moved.
- Pilot sensor skill increase adapted for new radio sensor contact.
- Reference to loadscreen removed from saveload.
- Sensor system changed for new contact.
- Repair ALL button is back to mechbay.
- Sensor ranges extended.
- Resolutions fix.
- Mech list box selection in mechBay screen fix
- Mechicon changed - pilots_med and pilots_l2 files are obsolete
- Deployment layout in mechbay and pilot ready screens changed for large icons.
- Layout changes in mechbay
- Only one file for button layout -
- All files removed - not needed any more.
- Objectives bar image replaced with image from tacmap_frame.tga
- Pilot salaries changed - salaries are paid after successful mission.
- All pilots that are deployed have their salaries doubled.
- Pilot_ready screen - 2 text boxes added for total salaries and projected balance (credits - total salaries).
- Mech maintenance cost added to the game - paid after every successful mission (1% of the total cost of all mechs in inventory).
- Pilot_ready screen - added text box for mech maintenance and balance subtracted by it.
- Mechbay and pilot_ready screens changed - salaries, maintenace and projected balance.
- Formations bug fix.
- Pilot ready screen pilotHireButton changed (new old art) and there is red rect outline if there are new pilots for hire.
- New editor version - resource points can go below zero.
- MCO is using different objectives file - changes from the editor - read and write negative numbersfor objectives.
- Mission briafing screen changed - 3 tabs for mission briefing text, tactical info and additional info.
- New blurb5 added to the editor (ver 120). Blurb3 is used to append text to mission briefing. New tab mission description, shows mission description text. changed Button_13.
- Font for mission briefing text changed (size 14 instead of 11). All blurb texts must have at least one line larger then list box width or the text will show only first line.
- Objectives and camera will update only if mission briefing tab is pressed.
- Resource points for objectives are added to objective strings in mission briefing screen.
- Several new fonts added to the game.
- Units face the direction of the deployed unit for its drop zone.
- Editor changes - 3 edit boxes moved up.
- Cougar and Shadowcat mech config changed (CSV) - clan FF armor.
- Font changes in mission briefing screen.
- New icons for FF Armor and dbl HS, All clan mechs configs changed - clan FF armor.
- Exodus campaign missions cahnged - expanded story by Marceror.
- Bugfix in adding salvage components after mission.
- new mc2res.dll - weapon stats changed/fixed.
- Mechlab screen changed: rotating weapon model removed, mech model added, payload area moved.
- Only one ECM and one Probe can be added to mech in mechlab.
- All mech_A.tga files removed - obsolete.
- Mech turn rate is calculated per tonnage.
- New Union dropship added.

NEW Textures and Buildings

- Cliffs texture pack by Karl.
- Port Arthur gates, walls, control buildings, HQ, billboard and Kurita control buildings by Karl.
- New weapon icon files and new different portrait pics for Artillery, Repair, Minelayer, Scout, by Tiberius44.
- New Pictures for old MC1 pilots by Tiberius44.
- Improved in mission icons set by Tiberius 44
- New (old) art for "back" and "next" buttons transfered from work project.
- New (old) art for Logistic screens buttons.
- Tacmap frame... New file Tacmap_frame.tga added to art folder.
- Karls buildings: Block, Blocksmall, PA_ Heavy, Medium and Light post. Changed PA_HQ and PA_turretcontrol. Billboard fix
- New building Hangar3
- Bear copter prop model.

- NEW ABL commands

PartID - number from the editor for buildings.

if (not isrepairbay(53139)) then

Effect: True if building is repair bay.
NEW ABL command:

PartID - number from the editor for buildings.


Effect: Rechardes depelted Repair Bay building (it can also set any other building to be repair bay).

Awesome work magic.

May I ask (just to know) what this mod contains for the end-user depending on solo campaigns?

I mean such as: how many missions to walk-through? How many campaigns?

Also I would like to know what system requirements your mod has and if running system needs to be manually preparations to give a chance for smooth gameplay.

Sry for the nap questions but I've never played mech commander 2 or it's fanmade follower omnimod but I'm excited.

To introduce myself I only played much commander 1 in my youth. Kept it in memory for years and later found mech commander gold started again playing. Was very disappointing cause only 12 more campaign missions to play.
Felt like: good after nightmares of playing through I finally got a crew that's worthy to challenge and then the ending movie comes...

... then I found the three campaign mods for mcg and I like them. But I'm also disappointed bout that there is no campaign where you can have a long play like being able to bring 10-15 warriors up to the elite level without abrupt ending.

So at the moment I'm just excited for things like the wolfman campaign for MCG which might be not available in the internet cause I've only found other people searching for or broken download links.

So I ended up going the harder way creating such a campaign (VANILLA) myself first before doing any deeper balancing changes cause I like the preschool. So expect my mc2 handmade mod 2025 lol

Enough talk I'm RizZen nice to meet you.

Hi RizZen,

Omnitech is not a mod any more. Its a very different game then MC2. Based on Microsoft shared source release of MC2 code.
You have 2 campaigns with MCO:
- Exodus (you can find it in my MCG campaigns, just less missions).
- MW2 Mercs - conversion of MW2 Mercs campaign to mech commander.

On my modDB downloads section you have several more campaigns, each of them with its own installer (and uninstaller).
Including conversion of original Carver V campaign...

Minimum SysReq:
dual core processor, 1Gb RAM, win XP...

It can work on Win XP, Win 7, Win 10 (Win 8.x sometimes works, sometimes not). No need for any special adjustments.

Whats wolfman campaign for MCG?

Good luck with your MCG campaign (its nearly impossible to do)...

Wolfman seemed to have a 70 mission campaign done for MCG but around 2006-2008 the last download seems to be disappeared from any of its websites.

Why is it impossible in your eyes?

Because even if you make all the missions, to make a salvage you will need custom made tool (program).
And that campaign can only replace one of the 2 existing campaigns. I had a tool for that too (campaign installer).

Here are the tools I could find (including editor extender and campaign installer):

As far as I know wolfman never did anything for MCG?

Good luck.


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