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Multiplayer Co-op mission close to the boardgame.

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Hi all : )

I don't know if there already is a project like this one,( I've searched for it but I didn't find one ) apologies in advance if this is the case.

I played Freespace open and Diaspora a long time ago , and a few days ago I decided to replay this game again... it's still so good !!, thx to the team who worked on it !!

And an idea came in my mind... what about a repeatable co-op campaign close to the boardgame...
I mean here are the big lines, the players would start with the battlestar XXXXXX, just after the first attack of the Cylons, and will have to escort a fleet of civilians ships to reach the Galactica before it crosses the red line.

To do that they'll have to make 8 jumps ( random/specific missions with maybe some choices to do) but if the civilians fleet, or the tylium, or the mood or the food falls down to 0% before the last jump (due to several obstacles during the missions )... the players lose the game.

And inside of the players we could find hidden Cylons here to sabotage the game.

I just started to look how to use Fred2, and I think I've find a way to play with the random missions, and with the variables for the civilans/tylium/mood...
But I don't know if the player cylon part is possible, it seems we can have traitors, but can I make the game send a private message to a random player in order to tell him he's a cylon, and can I do it to 1-4 players depending of the number of players in the campaign ?

Do you think that's possible and interesting ?
I will be grateful for your answers

(I hope my english is understable enough ^^  )

General Battuta:
This is a great idea, but I think it might be hard to send messages to specific players in MP. :(

thanks for your answer General Battuta : )

That's what I thought... mmm ... there is still the possibility to use an external software at the begining of the game or after the 4th jump  to randomly give a cylon role.
maybe by creating a simple card game in Vassal Engine, each player secretly draws a card which tell him if he is a cylon or not.

next step is to determinate the Cylon gameplay according to this ^^

thx again
If some of you want to share ideas or participate to the project, you're welcome : )

1. Multiplayer rewrite/refactor.
X. This.
Sadly :(

Thing is, the reason the coders don't work on multiplayer is because there seems to be no interest in it. jg18 made a lot of progress improving the code only to get discouraged by people telling him no one would use it.

--- Quote from: General Battuta on September 17, 2017, 12:37:18 pm ---This is a great idea, but I think it might be hard to send messages to specific players in MP. :(

--- End quote ---

You could definitely do it using scripting. All you'd need to do is to set a network variable to to name of the traitor's ship. Once that was done you'd then simply have a client side script check what was the value of that variable.


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