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FRED2 - Capital Ships don't fire missiles

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So i'm trying to make a mission in the editor, but for some reason capital ships (basestars and battlestars) have zero ammo for their missiles, and no matter what i do, the ammo count in the weapons editor can't go above zero. The up and down arrows next to the ammo number are grey and cannot be clicked, and typing a number just resets it to zero when i close the menu. This isn't an issue for fighters. I have no idea how to fix this. Help?

General Battuta:
Capship missile launchers have infinite ammo.

General Battuta:
If you want to manage their firing you can lock/unlock them with a turret sexp. (Somewhere in the sexp list).

That doesn't solve the issue of them not firing their missiles. I probably should have mentioned that, but i just assumed that Basestars weren't firing missiles because they had no ammo. I tried using a turret-free-all command on both Basestars in my mission and that did nothing. Both Basestars never fire a single missile at anything.

That's strange. Are you sure that the target is in their field of view?


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