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You know guys what's funny? When suddenly many talented people converge towards something with no prior agreement. Spontaneous endeavour towards common purpose, driven by pure hype. And this time it was creating hipoly vasudan assets by Oddgrim, Dagger, Elaheh and Free Will. Suddenly veteran and beginner shipyards all started working on brand new, shiny, vasudan assets. You will see results of this efforts in the upcoming MediaVPs.

Then I thought: Damn... I never really tried. All the zod stuff I've ever done were eldritch kitbashes of other people's work. Mostly Oddgrim.

Then Papa Blount appeared and said "Oddgrim and TheDagger are go-to picks when it comes to making vasudan assets for FSU". **** I felt so infantily shameful for not being mentioned. Where is my 11 years of meditation? Of course it was always obvious that I wasn't mentioned for a reason. Papa Blount knows what he's talking about. Shipyards were always closed to the service to Vasudan Empire, despite meny requests...

Then I decided that it's time to upgrade my skillset and open NyctiYards for new client base. Including the Emperor himself.

*** as a man with big mouth and inborn, perky attitude, I felt that I won't escape this situation with some pity fighter. Ladies and gentleman, terrans, vasudans, ancients and shivans, I present you...

GVD Nehebkau
This is strange day. Except the canon designs, this community never produced real HTL, custom, vasudan destroyer. Forget about Hedetet and Apothess from Nostos. Those are abominations and sins I commited under pressure.

So today, after 22 years, this state finally changes.

Also it's one of the rare opportunities of seeing my original designs in action. Bulk majority of assets I produced for this community are upgrades and reworks of existing designs, with a very few exceptions like Vali or Eurynome. I knew from the beginning, that this one cannot be just another Hatshepsut rip-off... So I took my Pnepheros, mixed it with Hatshepsut and Anuket and added a subtle touch of vasudan-shivan hybrid vibe of Sekhmet. Also I knew, that unlike majority of vasudan designs, I don't want horizontal design. I wanted verticality, to provide this ship with unique vibe. Nehebkau was born via fully professional pipeline, starting from concept art, through multiple iterations, up to something I'm finally satisfied with. Many people contributed to creative process, to create an amalgam of many different visions, with Talhydras' sketches deserving honorable mention.

She is a monster on the battlefield. Techroom description is not done yet, but it's the design heavily influenced by SD Ravana. Nehebkau is heavy destroyer akin to GTD Boreas. Her role is to jump in and devastate any opponent with opening salvo of her 3 main beams.

Despite the polycount being lower, the pof size is higher then Ravana thenks to POF BSP tree o__O. It's almost 150mb pof, along with 4 sets of 8192x4096, BC7 DDS textures. I won't lie, she's big girl. UVs were optimised for lower res, so the result shall be acceptable if one prefers performance and decide to downsize all maps to 4096x2048.

To do:
- Talhydras' heavy variant.
- Baked glows [Blender 3.1 keeps crashing on her o__O]
- Alternate skins [PVN? HoL? ISF?]
- Some zod inscriptions on the hull?

And of course, this project would be impossible without my traditional modding partners and some great talents from the community who agreed to assist me in my journey.

Nyctaeus - Model, UV, texturing, conversion
Oddgrim - Texturing, turret models, bugfixing, creative assistance, spiritual guidance
Talhydras - Creative assistance, heavy variant modelling
Knightmare - POFing, tabling.
Admiral Nelson - Texture conversion


We do not deserve such beauty ^^

Fantastic work!  Highlighted. :yes:

Watching this beauty being constructed over the past few months was exciting. The wait was absolutely worth it!  :nod:

Downloaded, thank you Nyct.

It will appear prominently  in MitS act 1.


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