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I noticed really old threads of people searching and hiring modelers and texturers, nothing recent though.
My question is where do I recruit a modeler and a texturer? I need one for a public release mod that I've been working on for a few months.

Your best bet nowadays would be on the Discord, but even then it's gonna be a bit hit-or-miss considering there's not many modellers out there these days who aren't terribly busy.

Depends on what you need. There are several active modellers in the community, but majority of them are either busy with their primary projects, including commercial ones. Usually something from community model pool may be adjusted for one's needs.

Join HLP Discord, and find the #modelling channel. Custom model requests are not likely to be fulfilled those days, because modern assets are mostly very detailed, with physically-rendered textures. Production of them requires time and effort. I don't want to discourage you from your search, but majority of currently active modellers are very picky when it comes to selecting projects they work for. As you noticed, many, many projects tried to happen in the past, and developers of many wanted to have custom assets in... And the last "many" is: Many of them failed. People who produce assets wants them to be used in successful projects.

So yeah, it's not easy nowadays, but you're welcome to delve deeper into the community and see how things looks like :].


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