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Hello im new!


Hello! I learned about Freespace 2 at the start of june 2022. First played the retail version, then somewhere in mid june hopped onto the MVPs and Blue Planet. I love this game! The mods are amazing too. Blue Planet was really interesting. Trimurti too (still trying to figure out how to translate Shivan lol). Althrough I have FPS problems (im on a low end laptop) and had to disable some beautiful options such as lightshafts, deferred lighting and environment maps this game is still enjoyable. Thank you guys for continuing to play this game and develop mods. Really amazing work you guys have done.  :yes:

by the way is the "new" thingy set automatically? cuz i saw others in the "getting started" thread (or how its called) with it.


--- Quote from: HLP Station PA System ---Welcome to HLP station pilot, Exits are to your right, your other right, and directly below you, Water-filled flamethowers are available if needed, if you hear the ULTRA WAR FIRE SUPPORT alarm go off at any point, assume it's probably a test, and please stay away from the station's air vents, as shivans tend to live in them, although they are appeased by the offering of food, and lastly, for safety reasons, please do not drink any orange juice when inside the Poorly Drawn GTSC Faustus Art Gallery.

Enjoy your stay.  :D
--- End quote ---

(as far as I know, "new" is set automatically)

We also have a discord channel: Never mind, it looks like you already found it!  :yes:

Iain Baker:
Welcome aboard pilot 👍

If you are new to FS, (or have re-discovered it recently) make sure to check out the getting started thread.

In particular:


These may improve your gameplay experience. Enjoy 😊


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