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I like your new name ^..^

And lol@ everyone, especially TopAce and Blitzerland!
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Whether it was part of the joke or not I dunno. But an0n posted to the effect he was trying to hack back into his old account.
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I would have hoped that any password for the sole (spare the Announcements/ HoJ) admin user would be something a bit more sensible than could be taken from a dictionary file (i.e. alphanumeric alternating case password); so I doubt an0n could hack in anyways, even if he tried.


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So this whole thing was a joke? I had no idea. I honestly would not have put it past Anon to pull a stunt like that if he was angry enough. :p
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if this was a joke ... id like to have the TBP forums back now and TAP too
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Are we keeping the pirate member status system? Because we're all still buccaneers and corsairs and so-on.
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Originally posted by Ford Prefect
Are we keeping the pirate member status system? Because we're all still buccaneers and corsairs and so-on.

:doubt: .....Gooober!!! :lol:

And just to reassure everyone worried about hosted project forums, we have a full backup from March 31st waiting to be restored. GS is being nice and responsive about our dynamic4 FTP password issue, and I expect to have things resolved.... err, in 12+ hours (next time I'm back home - a man's gotta work, y'know!).

Meantime, uhh.... get to know one another better! Yeah! Or FRED. FREDding's always good. :D
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This was great. I just got back today. Noticed 90% of the Forum was missing, and found this trhead.

NICE! :yes::lol:
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I actually rather like the cleaner look. Unfortunate we can't keep this and the other forums.
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I'm a Corsair anyway. Badges? We don't need no stinking badges!
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