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Download Avalible in Knossos

Ribos: The Aftermath is a 4 mission mini-campaign during FS1. I always felt that there was a missing piece in Ribos, with the Terran and Vasudan working together, the HOL, etc. I made this campaign to cover that gap. Be advised im not following the canon at a 100%, this is based on my version of the Great War, and i have several changes.

The are 4 capital ships in Ribos, the GTD Krios, the GTD Galatea, the GTD Bastion and the PVD Pinnacle, you have a one mission with each ship, plus a intro with a bonus playable section, and a short outro cutscene monologue.
This is the timeline:

3 missions happens at the same time, with the FS1 canon mission starting just as everything finishes.

As you can guess the campaign name is a reference to the FS1 canon mission and there are several strong references to Deneb 3 and ST:R. With maybe some earter egg/secret added on the 1st and 2nd mission.

The worst part, as always its the voices, im using Azure TTS service, some voices are bad, but the worst is that i had no idea of how to make a Vasudan voice so thats the worst part. I will see what i can do about this later, i didnt wanted to keep delaying it for the voices.

I hope you enjoy it, and good shooting!

OOooooooh!  A new pleasure!

Actually thinking I may need to play through FS Port one more time to refresh myself on the lore of that era first so I can appreciate this better.

Iain Baker:
Re Vasudan voices. At a guess, one way to do it would be to record the narration using a fairly flat, robotic voice as an mp3 file or similar, then extract the Vasudan speech sound from FS2, then mix them together in an audio program such as audacity, record that as an audio file then import it into the game. Rinse and repeat.

I want to ask to the people who played, do you think if it is worth it to properly VA it at some point in this year?

This also means VAing "Retreat from Deneb" as the same characters are also present here.

Shivan Hunter:
Very cool little campaign! It would be improved by VA to be sure, but the voices were perfectly serviceable IMO. I love the missions going on simultaneously, it was an excellent window into the situation going on across the whole system.  :yes:


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