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[Release] Storm Front: Episodes I & II (2023 edition)

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Recommended Build: FSO 23.1.0 - 20230917

This campaign was tested on and is hence optimized for medium difficulty level.

Text to speech compatible!

The year is 2369. Two years after the Second Shivan Incursion, a surge in Hammer of Light activity is troubling the GTVA in the remote Laramis system. The Special Ops dreadnought GTD Constellation is sent to investigate. Squadron leader Patricia Abayomi leads her 88th Nova Squadron into the storm...

Storm Front: Episode I - Prophecy
Storm Front: Episode II - Cthulhu

This. Took me. Back. Way back. What the heck! It's already been four years since I started giving these two campaigns an update and my life has again changed quite a bit since then, but gosh did I have flashbacks when I looked at this ancient material back in late 2019. I think it was the first time in at least eight years or so that I turned my attention to these missions and these were really shadows of the distant past. This was not even the first campaign I ever did in Fred, but the first that I - back then! - considered serious. It was in the mid-2000s that I made these, originally not even in English but in German. I was still in friggin' school! :lol: When I started doing the upgrade back in 2019, I had finished my master's degree and started working. And now that I finally publish it, I'm back at university doing my PhD. :) So it was really, literally half a lifetime for me. I think the original English language release was pretty much around the same time Age of Aquarius came out. This is how old this is.

And oh my god was it awful. :lol: When I started doing the upgrade, I thought I'd just do a little facelift and be done in a few months tops and then turn to finally finish Episode III because the bug really bit me then and I was motivated. But the mission design and moreso the writing was just. So. BAD! I had to give it major overhaul and today I'm really pleased with the result. Almost every mission underwent huge re-designs or were even replaced by totally new ones, particularly in Episode I. I also shortened both campaigns a little bit, down to three acts with six missions each which was balm for the pacing as I could get rid of all filler missions. Though I cannot deny, some sorties are more like playable cutscenes, every mission has a meaning now.

The writing improved massively, though it's still nothing I should be proud of and it never will be. The storyline itself remains as it was, but I added a lot of background to improve world building and also with the intention in mind to lay some foundations for later episodes - just in case they ever come. Weaknesses a still there, of course. Still nobody really gives a damn about the traitor.  How the H-o-L could pull off such a huge buildup in forces in total secrecy is still of... limited credibility and as I said: I'm not a writer (not a non-fiction one, at least) and I never will be - heck I'm not even native in English.

Well yeah, probably it's nothing much, but it's mah baby. :) Really some sort of a lifetime project.

Again, I hope I can give you a few hours of a remotely entertaining FreeSpace experience. Again, don't hesitate to let me know when you disagree.

I would download the game but at 98% it would kick back that it was not installed correctly.  I verfied file integrity and it came up good. Once I start the game but it gave me 34 warnings.  Medusa missing subsystems, Texture warning on Titan model, Leviathan texture, Hyperion model texture (Guns too), Lycaon Texture, Asteria, Aule Texture, reshef texture, Osiris gun submodel not complete, Orsiris model issue, Imhoepuv debris texture and overall texture), Udjat texture, Typhyon Texture turret, Hatshetpsut newet turret texture, Vasudan Cheopsdebris Texture, cairo texture.  Not sure if this is any help to you but I tried.


I have no immediate answer to that, unfortunately. I did everything than with the open beta upload last year. Did it also download the StormFrontStock mod package? That is, so to say, the Storm Front MediaVPs and all the assets that create your error messages are in there.

So I uninstalled everything and then did a reinstall.  Looks like the Storm Front Stock is missing some files.   I attached the error message.

Possibly an error when you uploaded the game?


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