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Re: RELEASE: FreeSpace Open Installer, v2.3.0
Well, JAD seems to work fine with the freshly downloaded file.  But I'll have to see later whether it gets deleted again, next time I check for updates.

Re: RELEASE: FreeSpace Open Installer, v2.3.0
Looks like the main files are now verifying properly.  However, I now suspect that there are multiple versions of mod.ini being put in the same place.  One of them, at least, belongs to the Freespace Port Mission Upgrade.


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Re: RELEASE: FreeSpace Open Installer, v2.3.0
Mh.. shouldn't be. I updated the Mission Upgrade a few days ago, but the hashtest in FSO was successful and the mod.ini is still in the fsport-mission-upgrade folder and there is only one of it. No idea  :confused:
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