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Multiplayer? Of any kind?

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Sorry for the thread necromancy, but it's possible that a limited, perhaps buggy form of multi is possible. See this thread:

Basically, running the game with the -server command switch appears to allow multi to work.

I have not tested it myself, but there it is if there are at least two people who want to try it out on their own. Read the thread I linked to thoroughly, though.

a SQL database for player/ ships stats instead of the current .def files? 

Thinking about alternative formats, a simple human readable format with plenty of validation tools (e.g. JSON) could be useful.

We're considering JSON support for the FS2Open player formats at the moment with success.

Colonol Dekker:
Press X to JSON?

So what multi functionality is in place at the moment?

Photon Hosting? there is a C++ plugin for that.


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