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Multiplayer? Of any kind?

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If i go to Multiplayer i see a button to create a Local Server , and then from the screen that follow i can set the "Type" to LAN.

After that, i just tried the "Hawk Match" mission that put me to fight in deathmatch with some AI (that would be replaced by players i guess if there were other people joining)

While i don't have a true LAN, in the past i have used programs like Hamachi and more recently Tunngle (as Hamachi has limited the amount of people for their free version that can play together)  to play privately with some friends.

So is multiplayer -completely- disabled in the actual open source release, or as i imaging LAN game has nothing to do with contacting some matrixgame server, is it still possible to play with Hamachi/Tunngle/whateverVPN with Starshatter "LAN" setting ?

I can confirm multiplayer is 100% inoperative as of the open source release.

Thank you for the reply, hopefully the LAN part will be activated again sometime in the future so people will be able to use a VPN to battle around .

You can try using pLan server, and see if it's working. And then please let me know.

Going to throw down my own hope that multiplayer gets fixed up at some point in the future as well.

Actually, what I've always really wanted out of this game (ever since the first early builds of Starshatter came out, long long ago) was a full-blown dynamic co-op campaign; one where I could hook up with a buddy with one of us taking control of the carrier group and managing high-level orders and logistics, while the other led the fighter wings and handled actual implementation. This would've been absolutely bad-ass, but I don't think the original game's multiplayer really supported this.

It'd probably be a pain and a half to implement, but I'd love to see this occur some day.


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