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Move Starshatter to "Hosted Mods for Other Games"


I was just about to refer some chaps on another forum to Starshatter, so I was scrolling through the HLP board directory to find where the appropriate listing was. Needless to say, it's not where I thought it was.

Starshatter is, despite needing some TLC, a complete, stand-alone game. It ought to be listed alongside Mech Commander Omnitech for those reasons. Also for those reasons, it doesn't belong with the various Homeworld, Nexus, and other assorted mods that have something to do with FS but run on a different engine.

Thus, for those who can, please consider moving the project to "Hosted Mods for Other Games."


Can I get another look into this? Even though Starshatter hasn't been active, it ought to be listed under a directory suitable for indicating that it is a complete, full, and functional application.

Geez guys, PM an admin or something. :p  Board moved.

Thanks, Goober.

I heart you, man.



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