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I created a large part of the 2d/3d art for gathering storm.

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Hello, I started out as a Starshatter modder, I built the b5 hold the line mod, then I went on to create a lot of the 2d/3d art for gathering storm, I still have a ton of the pre-production models and textures.

I have been trying for a while to get in touch with milo and see where things are going. Is this community alive still?

my contact info is [email protected]


oh and btw.. web masters.. fu with your confirm to post bs.. that's stupid.

The E:
We're sorry about any hassles regarding our antispam features. We've unfortunately been forced to use them.

That being said, I was unfortunately unable to find much time to work on SS:TGS recently, as work (and the necessary recovery time) have eaten into my free coding time. I will say however that any such materials would be of great interest to us.

Alan Bolte:
Oh, hey, I remember you from way back when I was playing the beta. What have you been up to?

Hi - as The E notes there are coders around with some ideas for the engine.
I'm sadly in the same situation where limited coding time has meant my involvement in StarShatter has been pretty weak of late.

Awesome - I love it when the people behind the artwork show up! SS:TGS has a huge amount of character in its ship design, even when the graphics are starting to age. Again, it's a pleasure to have you, DamoX.


By the way, can I again use this time as a plug to move this board to a more appropriate location?


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