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The appeal of Starshatter - lasting still?


Hi folks,

as a recent fan of Starshatter and its gameplay + the dynamic campaign system I do wonder - does Starshatter appeal to folks still, when there are projects like Freespace 2 Open, that boast with activity and modders creating new content?

From what I can see Starshatter is very close to FS2Open in terms of capabilities, so is it mainly the existing base for both games that favors FS2Open?

General Battuta:
They are very different games with very different capabilities - I wouldn't describe them as close at all. In fact they're good at quite different things. FreeSpace is excellent at linear, tightly scripted content, Starshatter is about systems and dynamic campaigns.

Thx GB,

what I meant is that both games are space sims with reasonably close-to-each-other flight models and HUDs, they are both moddable and in both you can create you own linear missions (adding them to a campaign in Freespace, not sure about Starshatter though).

Yes, SS has a dynamic campaign system, but I believe you cannot create your own? That leaves you with linear content beyond the included campaigns.

i hope that now that is open someone would be able to make some campaign creator of some sort because its a very complex stuff to do and the game is a great game its not like fs this at least for me offers a lot more sorry but its just my opinion

Starshatter has a lot of unique depth for me that can't be found in Freespace (without a lot of work, anyways). As I recall, the framework was all there for having a complete multiplayer fleet system where players could assume various roles (overall C&C, cruiser command, fighter wingleader, etc) in combination with other AI ships, all in real-time.

If this could be set up in a proper co-operative setting, this sort of thing would be VERY appealing to me. Being able to play this at a LAN party with one player managing carrier control, strike package planning and the overall scenario theatre, with another handling actual capital ship command and yet a third leading actual fighter / bomber ops in support of said capital ships, all in this gigantic multiplayer dynamic campaign setting against the AI sounds like an insanely awesome co-operative experience. To this end, I'm absolutely interested in any progress made with the source code and hope the game is able to reach a state where all of this is possible eventually.

Yes, I definitely see the appeal of Starshatter in contrast to Freespace.


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