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What new features would you like in Starshatter Open?

I have been adding a playable empire/faction system.  I will focus on two tracks - a Babylon 5 Game and pure Starshatter Open.

0. cleaning up, improving and fully integrating the old HTL Babylon 5 Mod
1. Bug fixes
2. Real multiplayer
3. Steamworks port

Suggestions? Suggestions?

I'd still LOVE to see the game's main dynamic campaign modes get co-op support. That would move the game out of fringe territory for my local gaming circle and into "must play across multiple LAN parties".

Currently building up a playable faction/ empire system for co-op/ multiplayer - and a points-based ship upgrade path like SFCI and II (like most games, actually)

i hope true dynamic campaign.

player set each forces number.
they can start war without any scripting.
it make unlimited replayability.

Added colored empire labels for the main map and an empire tag to systems his weekend.  Maybe allow for system battles capturing with offense/ defense and economic ratings.


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