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MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours
Player's Guide

MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours - Full Version - Download
Free Full Version, No Costs, MechCommander is legally free to download mod and play since 2006. For both, poor & rich!

* What is MCG-DH-v4.0 all about?
* Where is the difference to MCG?
* How to install Full version?
* How to handle MC resolutions?
* Latest Bugreport Status - Solutions & Workarounds

Tactics for combat

* Beginner´s Guide for MechCommander players!
* Targetting Specific Mech Parts!
* Controlling Mechs & Keyboard Layout - showing MCG-Keyboard-Settings
* Original Manual & have a look on the cd-disk / MCGold.isoMech Commander Gold - Desperate Measures - especially pages 26-33 about Tactical combat!

All Single Player Campaigns

* MCG Original & Expansion - walkthrough / download
* MCG Xenocide & Bengal Lancers - overview / download
* MCG X-Ray & DSC Raid - overview / download
* MCG Exodus & Turncoat - overview / download
* MCG The "Russian" Repulse - overview / download
* MCG Darkest Hours XXL Original campaign merge
* MCG Darkest Hours XXL Expansion campaign merge
* Solo-MissionsXXL - Campaign Merges containing 130 single-player missions. For sp campaigns there is IS technology available as purchases in logistics. Clan technology can be salvaged from battlefield during campaigns. For Solo-Missions integrated mixed-tech is available.

Multiplayer Scenarios

* Multiplayer Maps
* How to play Multi-Player online?In Multi-Player games both sides using same techs equalizes the natural disadvantage on IS side. This way all competitors of a multi-player scenario can use same potential for building a force.

Mixed-Tech all goods

* Weapons & Equipment
* BattleMechs & Vehicles
* MechWarriors (30 Vanilla Warriors +20 New Warriors for extended campaigns)(only remastered version)
For campaigns & solo-missions - mixed-tech can be used on both sides (IS & Clan). In solo-missions mixedtech is available for playing free as players desire to play using all stuff game offers in its original content.

Player´s Gadgets

* VCD for Mounting *.iso as disk on XP/older Windows then 10 - freeware
* GameRanger Download GR for Multi-Player feature
* Customizing Ingame Music
* Changing Starting conditions // Sharing Savegames // PKK Work

User feedback & Bugfixing

* Feedback from "MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours 3.0"-players
* Bugs & Solutions - Thread for MCG-DH-v3.0

MCG - Discord & Reddit

* Discord channel MechCommander In order to chat with other MCG players or coordinate meetings for MP gaming (free messenger APP).
* MechCommander on Reddit by RizZen!

MechCommander Gold

* MechCommander Content Link Collection is here (1) & here (2) (look into the descriptions)
* MechCommander Gold - Downloads by RizZen
* How to install Vanilla MechCommander Gold v1.8?
* MechCommander Gold - Online MP Community

MechCommander Modding - Threads, Tools & Milestones

* How to use mission editor & design, create or adjust own missions
* MC1, MCG - Mech Commander Editor & *.abl scripting reminder
* MechCommander Gold - Modder´s Corner by Community
* MCShell by StaticZ
* MechCommander Sprites - Source Milestone by Bestia Infernali
* Object.PAK 2 content by Bestia Infernali
* Mech Paint schemes by Bestia Infernali
* Weapon Effects by Bestia Infernali
* Mech Data Modding by Bestia Infernali
* CMunsta Tools & *.fst editing video tutorial by SeanLang
* / combpas.csv / / objsort.rsp files Thread by SeanLang
* Weapon Balance by SeanLeang
* Modding Tool Suggestion & Error reports by SeanLang
* Weapon Rebalance-Mod by SeanLang
* MechCommander Modding Discord Channel by SeanLang
* MCG Campaign Clan-Tech Mod by Timothy Soh
* Vehicle Rebalance Mod v0.1, v0.2 & v0.3 by Confused_shelf
* Mech Tonnage Fix v1.0 by Confused_shelf
* NEW MODDING FORUM (MCG-DH Home) by Confused_shelf & RizZen

Terms of use

MCG Darkest Hours CONTENT

(c) by RizZen (2016 - 2020)
Reproduction & translation of my work (as a whole or parts of it) in any mode without permission is strictly forbidden allowed.
I don´t claim owner rights of all informations and files i have created while modding and working on this game. Anyone is free to do with it what´s desired. I love to test new game improvements and evolving old retro games. What i have done on MechCommander is my tribute to one of the best Real-Time-Tactics games i´ve ever played. I don´t feel offended or betrayed when someone is using my Version - i would be honored.

All names and marks are properties of respective owners (FASA Interactive / BattleTech / Micropose / Microsoft & Hasbro) - freeware since 2006 (Begin of active Modding: 02/2017).


* MCG Darkest Hours - Guide - you are here!
* MCG Darkest Hours - Full Version (all versions)
* MCG - Downloads on modDB
are all officially hosted by owners of

Without this website & forum there won´t be a single version of mod or a full version standalone for MechCommander. Only after given a new home by it's owners all MechCommander content would be actually permanently offline. Therefore i dedicate MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours - with all content to, AceTimberwolf and his crew. If changes are desired i admit my help to make them. My only attempt on MechCommander is and was all-time = FUN!

RizZen Emergency report (April, 3rd, 2020): 75% of the missing content of files and information got restored. I beg for a little more patience. All guides will function proper soon. It maybe that some information is lost - but there are NO files lost. I have several backups and uploaded most of the content - actually 80% of all existing MechCommander files are already available here on modDB.

Upcoming articles will be like:

* Modding knowledge articles
* Multi-Player missions overview
* Solo-Missions overview
* Feedback content by community
* Curtain call / Credits
"Thanks for reading! Have fun, that's an order, RizZ!"


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