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Hello All,

This post is in regards to the FS Doc, of which I'm the new administrator for.  :)

I would like to gather some opinions and suggestions about the FS Doc from all HLP'ers to make the FS Doc experience easier and more intuitive for all who are concerned.
This doesn't mean all requests will be honored, rather they will be considered seriously and added if not detrimental to any other aspects of the FS Doc program.

You may contact me via ICQ or MSN located in my profile or post it here. Try to be as specific as you can, even provide links and examples of what your talking about so we can get through it as quickly as possible.

Thanks in advance for the help! :)

Also post any content addition you think are required either by quoting the new content, or linking to it.

Fix the line width.

It makes the whole thing practically unreadable. It used to be set to something sensible but now it wraps at about 80 characters.

In regards to the line width, I changed that to be that width. I'll explain why, and then leave it up to you all to decide what to do.

Look at any major or semi-major news site. They all have the text columns relatively narrow. The reason is that the eye has trouble traversing the width of todays screens from the end of one line to the beginning of the next without losing it's place. So especially in sites with lots and lots of nothing but text (forums don't qualify, as you have the breaks between posts, which help tremendously), the line width needs to be kept small.

Now the problem with specifying a line width is that the crappy IE browser doesn't allow a flexible min-width / max-width to be set. One unchanging width is all IE will support, and that needs to be narrower than not, because if it is set too wide, people with narrow screens would have to scroll left-right with every line if the text went beyond the screen width - a major no-no.

Thus, the easy-to-read narrow columns in all of today's major news sites.

So... now that you are armed with the same information, reasoning, and logic that I made the decision on - your choice. :)

At 800x600 Resolution the FSDOC fits fine, although the table width could be slightly larger its not too small. With different resolution sizes on the internet and a majority still being 800x600, im forced to design the wiki with that in mind.

It may be set wider, but dont expect a dramatic increase. My guess is that it seems far to small to you because your resolution is higher then 1024 x 768, if that is in fact the case try resizing your resolution to be a bit smaller to read the FS Doc Easier.

I could also use percentages but this is dependant on the current template which i havent looked at entirely. Ill do my best to make it bigger but i must appease the majority of surfers first.

Suggestion; Make a mirror to the latest patch that actually works. Currently the patch is linked to which has been down for some time.



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