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This thread is for requesting changes to the wiki which will require the involvement of an HLP admin. If what you need done can be handled by a normal Wiki admin (aka sysop), such as deletions, post about it elsewhere in this forum. I will keep a list of currently requested changes in this post, so any admin with time on his hands and knowledge/access to the wiki won't have to waste half of that time wading through this or other threads.

Note, just because a request ends up here doesn't mean it is necessarily doable by HLP admins either, it just means we Wiki admins can't do it. If an HLP admin posts and says that something can't be done, or won't be due to the time or difficulty involved, the request will be removed from the list.

Currently requested changes:

* Change gallery background colour to something other than white. [Original topic link]
* Make the navigation sidebar a static fixed object so it stays on screen when you scroll down. [Original topic link]
* Implementation of a short FS-theme questionnaire to help filter out spambots. [Original post link]

Androgeos Exeunt:
Just a minor gripe with the fact that the Wiki doesn't seem to know how to parse something. It's been there since...around the time edit changes suddenly went white for some reason, which is a very long time.

[attachment deleted by ninja]

Could someone delete this, whatever the hell it is:


Someone signed up to edit the wiki for the express purpose of hosting their postcard.  :rolleyes:

EDIT: It's Spanish.  Google Translation:  (Note: Mala=Bad; Modesta=Pure/Good)

--- Quote ---Launch of the novel.

Mala and Modesta

"The Last Judgment"

Author: Wilian A. Arias

Invitation to:

Address: Consulate of El Salvador

1452 Potomac Mills Rd

Woodbrige, VA. 22192

Tel: (704) 728 3845

Time: 5:00 PM

Date: 04/28/2012
--- End quote ---



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