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--- Quote from: MitoPL on August 22, 2016, 11:31:45 am ---This thing looks a bit like having the size of a moon, or simply falling down towards its doom on the surface of the planet.

But it's cool. :p

--- End quote ---
It's Galahad-class destroyer orbiting one of the terraformed moons in the Outer Rim. I dunno which one, ORS has plenty of them. They have rather low gravity, and large warships can fly in lower orbit. Galahads are quite similar to UED Solaris in terms of size and role in the fleets.


--- Quote from: Crashdown117 on August 22, 2016, 02:38:09 am ---This picture is either an awesome opening shot for a cutscene!

--- End quote ---

This could go places! Plenty of intrigue and dark, I like dark! Looking good :yes:


--- Quote from: Betrayal on August 19, 2016, 08:01:51 pm ---Yeeee... So...
Last few months weren't productive in terms of mod development. Real life consumed us all. Also we are working on indie RTS game with Macielos, plus my thesis and other crap... Last few months may be considered as exhausting.

But we always stay productive and dreamy, anyway ^^

--- End quote ---

I really like the framing of that pcture, dramatic and mysterious. c:

If that's the kind of epicness you get to put in your thesis... I need to change majors from History to whatever you're doing. :P

Awesome stuff! RTS is my favorite genre, so if you're working on something then I'm definitely interested! Any chance you could tell us if it's space-oriented, or boots-on-the-ground?

Yo, thx :P. I have more stuff like that. I think I will include it somehow into Exile lore.

Siraxta City - The biggest floating city of the Europa and capital of the ORS. Heavily modiffied render of some sci-fi city I googled.

...and sigil of the Equilibrists - I'm calling them The Philosophers Guild. It's kind of govermnent organization responsible for fighting with demagogy and superstitions among Syndicate people. They are a recent addon to Exile lore, as we decided that our dialogues needs to be more character-driven and deep.

As for the RTS game, stay tuned. I cannot reveal anything at that early stage of development.


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