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Yeeee... So...
Last few months weren't productive in terms of mod development. Real life consumed us all. Also we are working on indie RTS game with Macielos, plus my thesis and other crap... Last few months may be considered as exhausting.

But we always stay productive and dreamy, anyway ^^

Eagerly waiting for Exile! Shadow Genesis was excellent, even though it took me a long time to finish it and I forgot some plotline details a couple of times.

Keep up the good work  :pimp:

This picture is either an awesome opening shot for a cutscene or it would make for a nice poster at the recruitment office. Anyway it makes me happily anticipate what's there to come. *drools while looking at the ship models once more*

I made it as part of my thesis and this is actually somekind of recruitment poster for settlers from solar system. The promo slogan will be somekind like "In Syndicate you don't dream. In Syndicate you are making dreams real!"

Mito [PL]:
This thing looks a bit like having the size of a moon, or simply falling down towards its doom on the surface of the planet.

But it's cool. :p


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