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End of the Great War in 2335 brought a beginning of a new era for the Solar System. With all communication with other Terran worlds severed, industry cut off from their main supply routes, millions of people lost contact with their families and fear of the Shivans still growing, it became clear that Galactic Terran Alliance needs to change and it needs to change radically. For first months, however, Earth government has been concentrating on internal political reforms rather than restructuring the Alliance as a whole.

From economic point of view, the highest price for cutting off Delta Serpentis node was paid by main Earth and Martian corporations like Han-Roland Corporation, Mesa Corporation and Triton Dynamics. They were the ones most strongly dependent on resources from other systems. Losing contact with their supply routes meant losses counted in trillions of credits and forced them to reorganize their structure and seek new suppliers.

And they found them. Their attention, once focused on remote colonies in Delta Serpentis, Beta Aquilae and other systems, was now turned back to Sol's outer planets of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and their numerous moons. Those corporations entered new markets very aggressively and began construction of new colonies, mines and gas refineries.

Their fast expansion, however, threatened position of minor players once dominating in the Outer Rim, including Valhalla Shipyards, United Heavy Industries, Bamyian Development and Massive Dynamics. Old and new corporations began an intense competition for the most valuable sources of gas and minerals which quickly evolved far beyond standard free market rules. As Earth and Martian corporations eventually failed to dominate the Outer Rim, they requested aid of the GTA government.

At 11th January 2338 GTA proclaimed a controversial Great Perseverance Plan meant to respond to political, economic and social consequences of Delta Serpentis jump node collapse. A 784-page-long document involved an administration reform, military service reform and changes in variety of areas. Its size, however, was intended to cover its basic purposes:

* Grant Earth and Martian corporations exclusive rights to most precious mineral sources in the Outer Rim
* Guarantee Earth and Martian corporations a primacy over Outer Rim corporations in all future spaceship construction programs
* Enforce massive resettlement actions from overpopulated regions of Earth, mainly African, Arabic and South-Asian, to the newly constructed colonies in the Outer Rim
* Centralize structure of Alliance Revenue Service and allow unrestricted taxation of Outer Rim colonies by Earth government
It was later proved that GPP was written under strong lobbing of Han-Roland Corporation. The other corporations' involvement was never confirmed, but their privileged role in GPP leaves little room for speculations.

In order to oppose execution of GPP, Outer Rim corporations began suing privileged corporations and accusing them for lobbing. Protests also took place in major Outer Rim colonies as it was expected that new employers would provide much worse working conditions. Their actions, however, met with almost no success as bureaucratic machine of GTA administration was rejecting all the causes and at the same time an organized campaign of propaganda was initiated against them. Hobart Ericsson, GTA's Secretary of Treasury called Outer Rim corporations 'a criminal syndicate which destroys stability of the Alliance and threatens our jurisdiction in the whole sector'. 18 months later Mr. Secretary would understand that his words became a self-fulfilling prophecy.

GPP execution begun at 7th March 2338 with first corporate freighters arrived at their mining sites at Ganymede. Miners working for Valhalla Shipyards' subcontractor, Ganymede Works, were ordered to abandon their stations. Between 7th March and 12th April 651 mines and gas extraction sites in total were taken over by Earth and Martian corporations as the first stage of GPP. In most cases takeover was carried out peacefully, although more than 50 incidents of armed resistance were noted.

At 1st May 2338 GTA announced a new warship construction program involving 12 new Orion-class destroyers equipped with new generation of weaponry. As GPP guaranteed, all contracts were given to corporations from Earth and Mars. Following further execution of GPP, new taxes were introduced in Outer Rim colonies in order to meet the increased government expenditures. In fact, Jupiter and Saturn colonies were meant to pay Earth and Martian corporations for the new GTA fleet.

Execution of GPP brought economic problems to Outer Rim Colonies. By the end of 2338 Europa, Io, Calypso and Ganymede were all struck by recession and unemployment following shutdown of many shipyards and factories and further tax rises introduced by GTA government. Massive protests and rioting raged across the streets of Jupiter and Saturn colonies and most of them were violently suppressed by GTA security forces alongside with corporate mercenaries.

At 15th April 2339 Han Roland's supply convoy was ambushed in the Asteroid Belt. All freighters have been hijacked, the entire escort destroyed with no survivors. Following month 18 more attacks occurred, all took place beyond Mars and all involved targets connected with corporations from inner planets. Han Roland spokeswoman called the attacks 'an organized terrorist activity probably sponsored by Outer Rim native industry'. GTA command responded with deployment of GTD Holmgard under Admiral Marcus Rossendarch to maintain security of Asteroid Belt supply routes. This move, however, did not stop the attacks, but only made them more coordinated and more spread out in the entire Outer Rim.

At 29th May 2339 GTA government proclaimed martial law in Sol and accused Outer Rim corporations of supporting terrorist attacks. Marines were dispatched on the streets of major Jupiter and Saturn colonies and security forces demanded unrestricted access to all Outer Rim shipyards. More than 80 representatives of United Heavy Industries were arrested and submitted to interrogation. One of their testimonies indicated that UHI shipyards were secretly producing fightercraft for terrorist groups. GTD Salvation was dispatched to take over Adamant Shipyard on high orbit of Europa. Shipyard's personnel refused to obey, GTA boarding parties met with armed resistance and were forced to withdraw. As a result, Salvation destroyed the shipyard with its main cannons resulting in 4,000 casualties on board the station and further 40,000 when debris hit cities of Europa.

This tragic event turned out to be a spark of rebellion. Three days later leaders of 19 main colonies of the Outer Rim signed Europan Convention. A document was a declaration of independence from Galactic Terran Alliance and a founding act of Outer Rim Syndicate.

The same day GTA High Command received emergency orders to prepare First and Second Fleet to set off for the Outer Rim and end the rebellion with all mean necessary.

General Battuta:
I enjoyed this! Nice escalation. European or Europan?

Thanks :).

Well, I assumed adjective from the moon's the same as adjective from a continent, but I didn't find it anywhere on the net or in a dictionary, so I'm not sure. If you know Europan is a correct form, I'll change it.

BTW, we've just posted new screenshots to the article to match the content better.

Imagined by two minds, written by first, made pretty be second. That's what I like :D

Next one: Secession War


--- Quote from: Macielos on March 19, 2016, 08:10:51 pm ---Well, I assumed adjective from the moon's the same as adjective from a continent, but I didn't find it anywhere on the net or in a dictionary, so I'm not sure. If you know Europan is a correct form, I'll change it.

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