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ORS TECH ENTRY #35b - The Secession War (Part 2)

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I like how the dark side of Earther factions in sci-fi is mostly focused on "this is Earth, humanity started here, now shut up" and comparable philosophies. It also reminds me of some INFA plans which were not however turned into actual plots. My memory brings me back to other continuities such as Colony Wars, for example, where a similar policy was applied and we actually fight Earth in the first game of the series.

The demographics of these scenarios are quite variable too. Some consider the citizens of other colonies to be poorer, emigrated from Earth in the desperate attempt to find a better place where to live (and thus socially "inferior" to pure Earthers), while others consider these emigrants as generally more educated and richer than the average Earther (think about entrepreneurs who know exactly what they're doing), though nothing compared to Earth "oligarchs" et similia. In the second scenario, the cultural and economical subjugation to Earth is much, much harder to maintain over time, and notable opposition towards Earth's centralized power can be noticed after a couple of generations.


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