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Dilmah G:

--- Quote from: Su-tehp on October 02, 2020, 10:12:46 pm ---Why are the Spearhead's launch bays...curvy? They're decidedly not flat...and that makes no sense. Even for anime, that makes no sense. :wtf:

--- End quote ---
What? The ski-jumps? Totally normal, bro.

Also, looks fkn sick, Strygon. Can't wait.

Here's a bit of footage of the new missiles in action. Wanted to give some variety outside of the bland simple HS-14 that you had throughout OCaD.

They come with their own models as well. - 4-Pack Dogfight Strike Missile (4DSM) and DSM2 - JAVELIN-03 Anti Subsystem Missile (JAV-03) - Multiple Independent Terminator Missile (MITM-05 Cerberus)

And here's some artwork of the protagonist of the mod.

(that art is a bit old, will eventually draw replacement)

Any indication on more lore? Regarding the two power blocks maybe?

nothing says anime more than a schoolgirl uniform and ensign at 23 *wheeze*

cant wait to see it, stryg


--- Quote from: starlord on October 03, 2020, 08:56:55 am ---Any indication on more lore? Regarding the two power blocks maybe?

--- End quote ---

Of course! First, let me lay out the general "geography" of the factions.

Something to immediately point out, the USDF isn't a singular nation, in fact it's easily comparable to NATO in real life, being a military alliance between several nations. Here, the USDF Member Nations are the "Solar Coreworld Republic", "Kepler Union", "Helios Miner's Community" and "Regulus States". Each nation will have a bit of their own lore in the intel database for your reading pleasure.

The Glisean Confederate Steel Pact on the other hand, was formerly a bloc of nations that grouped up and collectively declared themselves as one independent state back in 2290. Following since was an ever increasing tension between them (thanks to the GCSP's Navy disrespecting borders and the occasional trade convoy "going missing") and the USDF, until finally a war broke out, about a year before this mod takes place. Most of the major design corporations are stationed in USDF Territory so the lower ranks of the GCSP Navy uses repurposed/older ships as their combat vessels, but over time they started developing their own combat vessels as well.

The little blue state you see in the middle is the Kingdom of Deneb. The second alien race ever encountered by humanity resides there, the Denebim. Considerably weaker and less advanced in space combat than humans, but very artistic and graceful in their own right. The Denebim count as a "protected nation" under USDF Rule.

Another alien race, one not displayed here but equally important, are the nomadic Cassydri. Expert shipwrights, peaceful traders, they are the ones who brought shield technology to humanity. Their relevance will also increase over the course of this mod.


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