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Series Resurrecta is the best 2020 Futuristic Sim / Sci-Fi in ModDB's MotYA

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--- Quote from: General Battuta on December 13, 2020, 03:03:42 pm ---If "winning" a category of one motivates you, hey, keep at it. Can't argue with anything that gets missions out the door.

--- End quote ---

A mod won an award on ModDB, congratulations. Why is your first response immediately to compare its creators as Kim Jong Un and dismiss it as a field of one?

General Battuta:
It didn't win an award on ModDB. I think that explains my response entirely: you think it did because this post is meant to be misleading. Nobody voted for Best Futuristic blah blah blah released in 2020. Nobody voted for Best Mod Based on the FreeSpace Open Engine. There are no such awards, they're invented.

This mod got the most votes from people asked to vote for a FreeSpace mod on ModDB Mod of the Year. That's all. If the designers find that empowering or motivating, sincerely more power to them; do what it takes to do the work.

General Battuta:
I am one of the best FREDders on Earth. That's great, it makes me feel good. But there's like eight of us, and you could probably say three of them are in this thread.

Don't really know how ModDB awards work, but congrats!

General Battuta:
More broadly it irritates me to see any kind of parochialism or implied internal contest in a cathedral modding community. Even in the context of PC modding we're a droplet under the fridge. There are no stakes here; there is absolutely no reason to do anything in search of external validation unless you find that personally motivating (which, okay, go off). Declaring yourself Best Mod 2020 is just silly vanity.


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