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Series Resurrecta is the best 2020 Futuristic Sim / Sci-Fi in ModDB's MotYA

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Perhaps SR would have been in the top 100 if the marketing was better :v

General Battuta:
I've been trying to animate the Bad Post all day, man where did all the good free gif makers go??

Colonol Dekker:
Intend to just use Imgflip. Not great for gifs though.

Srsly though,  this thread is a bit.... Unstable.  I'm glad there's a noteworthy freeapce mod out there raising the engines profile.  Buuuut, can we all try loading the last save before hostility.

(pssst General, are you still in comms with Axem?)

What the **** is even going on here?  I look at Discord and see allusions to idiocy, I look at reported posts and see my inbox full of idiocy, and I can only conclude the thread is full of idiocy until there's time for a few moderators to read it and get a handle on it.

So....locked.  Until a couple of us have time to read it.

It's 2021, people, can we not leave the bull**** in 2020 where it belongs.

For the record (I speak on behalf of the entire team), I agree with the current lock as a temporary measure meant to settle things down for a while. However, future and polite discussions should be allowed in this thread.

Many contributors have posted valid comments in a polite way and received equally polite answers - that should be allowed to happen again once the situation is settled.


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