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Help need FS2 bin files

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Had to reload the hard drive to get the realtek drivers to work ( next comp will say MAC I swear) Now I'm done reloading everything except FS2, I have daemon tools in stalled, but I lost eth FS2 bin files, I had all 3, does anybody know where I can get them again?

it doesnt help the is gone either. i think theres a link somewhere on this forum. look for a thread that says freespace online installer, or something like that. you can just download the game.

I'll try that, I d'd turey's installer earlier today, but I forgot if his latest and greatest required the game already installed or not,  I used to have it on 3 cd's, but then I used to have a program that would make all 3 cd's into 3 bin fies too.

I'll try the installer and see what happens, I know whatever happens I'm about to go through all those training mods all over again LOL ( I probably need to anyway)

Oh btw whoever moved this, thanks I didn't know if I put it in teh right place or not.

No, you don't need the game installed - BUT - I'm actually the one who hosts the *complete, unpacked, retail game*.

So, no, you don't need it.  I host it, it's available, and through Turey's Installer.

Hope that helps.  Just check the appropriate box.

Here's a walkthrough for the Installer, too, courtesy of jr2.

OK so I don't need FS on disk, good thing cause I can't find them, I bet they are in my oldest sons room though,  I did find FS1 ( both disks) But turey strikes again with his installer, this one has got top be the best one yet.


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