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Ross 128

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The ross 128 mission consist of fsport-Ross128.vp, readme, and 4 picture files.

Ive selected the containing folder as the Mod to play, but FS2Open says the active campaign cannot be found.

How do i set up / play this single mission?

Colonol Dekker:
MAke sure all relevant file types are in the correct folders, IE-data/maps etc. :)

Ive used the installer, all should be where they belong.

When i select the folder "fsport-Ross128" as the mod and run the game, it says "The currently active campaign cannot be found, please select another"

Colonol Dekker:
Umms, i know this is really going to sound stupid, but did it install to your FS2 folder? I only ask because sometimes people move stuff around........... :)

Please dont think i'm being patronising, :)

Wheres the Author?

The installer downloaded all for me, all the other mods seems to be in their own folders under the FS2 folder.

The Ross 128 single mission mod i downloaded manually, its a zip file that i extracted to FS2/fsport-Ross128/ cos thats the name of the zip.


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