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Problems with MP


Well , I'm not sure if it's the right place to post this , but I need help . I can't seem to get FS2 SCP to work online ! Everytime I try to run it online - no servers appear . Though I've done everything needed for MP to work ( on ) .

I don't know , maybe this is because there are no servers . If it's so , then can anyone post something here so that I can play FS2 SCP online with other people ( so that it works with GMT+2h timeline ) ?

Any help would be apreciated . Hope to get a reply soon .

Servers are generally not dedicated, so someone would have to be hosting.  With FS2, that doesn't happen all that often (at least lately).  If everything is set up correctly, then you could host a server of your own and invite others to join you.  Try posting in advance in the multiplayer forum.


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