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[Spoilers] What is Shambhala?

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Rogue Assassin04:
NOTE: this message contains answers, read it with your own discretion! (highlight to read)
The answers were found in the BP Oracle thread and on Discord BP channel

After the helpful inputs from a few members of the community and enough reading the answers are here:

Shambhala is a project undertaken for node denial. It has the hull of the Murugan repurposed into a single powerful ship: the UEX Maitreya.

The ship is supposed to be massive and it is the Ace card that the UEF has, that will be used to shutdown the node and eventually preserve the UEF.
In the event of the destruction of the UEX Maitreya by the GTVA, the UEF would surrender and allow a "cultural victory" by the spread of Ubuntu ideology throughout GTVA's failing control over their citizens.

By using this, the UEF wins either way.


It makes sense given the holy grail of Shivan tech is subspace manipulation, even if they're subject to its same rules while using it.

Batuta has confirmed that Shambala is a ship that can be used to close and open subspacenodes. So your theory is an actual fact.


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ya might wanna spoiler that one mate


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