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[Spoilers] What is Shambhala?

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Just a wild speculation:  What if Shambhala is a method to trigger wide-spread nagari sensitivity in humans--i.e. nagari interaction across the board?  We know that Nagari sensitivity is can be triggered externally, we know that it can be "programmed" into human DNA (for lack of a better description), what if it's already at least partially coded into all humans?  (Or even all sentients--different subject and question.)  I have no idea what the possible benefits to this could be though.

Maybe they will try to get the vishnans to gobble up all of the ubuntu humans into the summed psyche.  That would fit the available information I think.

Phantom Hoover:
Shambhala is a Vishnan endgame-by-proxy which, if carried through to its completion, will result in some arbitrary catastrophe due to their enforced naïveté towards certain greater cosmic hazards.

It's the dance from the Weekend at Bernie's films.

That's the best you guys could come up with? I'm disappointed, son. :nono:

There is only one question you need to ask yourselves when you think about the possibilities you have thought up. And that is "Is this cheesy, stupid or complete cop-out?". If answer to that question is yes, then you can be certain it's not what Shambhala is.


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