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It's so weird, I have it set for 4.6.7. and 22.0 and a new pilot and it's using the older Loki model, Argo, Herc I and a few others.

The more recent big ones, Ravana, Demon, Orion, Eyrinyes, Ares are all the new versions.

Blue Planet Complete 3.1.1 is coming soon to a knossos near you!
This update was build for and tested on FSO 22.2.

This update contains a workaround for an AI bug that was making all AI in FSBlue and to a lesser extent BP1 a lot weaker then they should be. This bug should be fixed properly for FSO 22.4, but either way a lot of missions needed to be looked over for balance changes.

In addition to that, FSBlue has seen a couple of changes:

* Quite a few FSO AI enhancements have now also been enabled for FSBlue. This means that the AI can use trebuchets against bombers and capital ships across the entire mod, and in general is a bit more consistent throughout.
* The campaign can now optionally use MjnMixael's Aquitaine and Soyakaze main halls.
* Nyctaeus's NTF Ship Textures have been integrated.
* The Sixth Wonder has been reworked, with the NTF now committing its bombers and capships to the mission much sooner rather then patiently waiting until the player has destroyed the previous wave.
* Various smaller changes to events in missions: Spawn logic has been tuned, some missions will finish up a little faster when all enemies have been destroyed, some ships that would previously appear out of thin air are now present from the start, some load-outs are a little less restrictive, some more ships have been beam-freed, some missions give you more control over your wingmen then before, and some previously unheard lines will now be spoken.
* Occasionally, Dan Wentz's remixes of FS1 briefing music found their way into the campaign.
But it's not just FSBlue. The entire mod has seen some updates:

* A concentrated effort has been made to ensure that all voice files are of a consistent volume.
* The mod now utilizes the latest version of the MediaVPs
* A lot of table files have been modularized and/or slimmed down. This should make both maintaining the mod itself and incorperating future MVP changes easier.
* BP's ships now use MV_Radaricons and FSU's new explosion sound effects.
* Some weapons' visual effects have been updated, using either old or new MediaVP assets.
* BP's sound effects have now been updated to both utilize FSO's Enhanced Sound feature and be in line with the MediaVPs volume and distance attenuation. BP's beam weapons no longer sound quieter then FSU's.
* Small oversights in BP's sound assignments have been corrected: Some weapons didn't have sound at all, those have now been given new sound effects, either already present in the Mod's files, present in the MediaVPs or borrowed from Red Faction.
* As a bonus, GTA, GVA and UEF ships now have somewhat different lock/missile alert sounds: Tev ships use Battle for Neptune's sounds, Vasudan ships use the vanilla FS2 sounds, and Federation ships use FS1 sounds.
* A couple of minor bugs in AoA and WiH's missions were fixed.
* Some music is now slightly higher fidelity, and there are a couple of extra tracks.
This update has been quite extensive. Please let us know about any issues, or changes you don't care much for.
it's also okay to say that you like things

Sounds absolutely amazing!
Been meaning to try FSBlue, and it seems now is a good time to do it.
I'll come back if I see anything weird.

Neato, I'll be sure to check it out.

Ran into an "attempt to load mission failed" bug during WIH 1. Got a debug:


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