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The HecateMk2 should still just be in the table files itself (afaik only the model was upgraded to the newer one).

You can download BPC 1.0.0 via knossos, and you should be able to find the old new hecate in there.
Go to explore, blue planet complete, and download the desired version from the dropdown list.

BPC 3.1.6 is now uploading!

For some bizarre reason, FRED decided at some point to mark literally every event in every mission as something that needed to be written to the event log. This caused numerous slowdowns. This has now been corrected.

What will be the next campaign? Is it War in Heaven Part 3?


--- Quote from: Knarfe1000 on February 03, 2023, 05:55:57 am ---What will be the next campaign? Is it War in Heaven Part 3?

--- End quote ---

Last I heard, the campaign has been suspended indefinitely due to time constraints on the team.  Life has moved on, and the team has had to move on with it, and that means they're largely unable to continue the campaign.  I'm sure someone from the BP campaign could answer better, but I've seen this question asked multiple times (and I've asked myself at least once), and that seems to be the standard answer.

I heard there was a completion of the story in short story form somewhere, but I'm not sure where, and I keep holding out hope that someday it will be finished in campaign format, so I've intentionally avoided it.  Maybe someone could provide a link to that here.

Maybe when GeneralBattuta and the team are retired and 80 years old, and Freespace is now VR, we'll see the campaign completed, and I think it will be worth the wait.  🤣

What a shame this great campaign died this silent death.


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