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Hey you could hand the book to Epsilon to keep him off you. :D
That way you can keep him busy for weeks, months, years! Maybe. Unless he's going to talk with you about it every day.

I fear that book would be much too interesting for him. I'd also be afraid he would try and sell me a dirt planet.

So I share a birthday with Queen Holley...

This is fantastic news!

One of us is going to have to change then. And it's not going to be me...

BTW, how old are you than, Holley? Or do you stay 17 forever, caught in a temporal paradox?

Well due to the glacial speed at which JAD is written, I'll still be 17... But that's okay! Young enough to get away with anything and old enough to know what I can get away with. Maybe we'll get some progress one day that will let me be the wisest of all beings.


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I'll give you the finest c. 21st century animes.

I'll just add a shipload of drinks (probably softdrinks...or not, depending on legal drinking age in your sector) and snacks (are you a vegan or something like that?) to that, to make it a nice evening you can spend with your friends. AND I'll take care of boring ol' Epsilon 1, so he doesn't ruin everything - even though that means he's gonna be my problem for a day, but that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make for the Queen.
"Flying is easy, landing is hard" - Delta-07


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I'll be sure to put you at the top of my list for head butler after the revolution!


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Everyone "Surprise!"
Holley: "Aah! A surprise party? On MY birthday?!"
Delta 1: "Yes, it really is amazing that QueenFreeSpace9000 managed to keep you from seeing those invites they sent us..."
Holley: "All that matters is that I'm spending this precious memory with my friends."
Delta 1: "Actually, that is quite the nice senti-"
Holley: "Alright, now what did you all get for presents?!"
Delta 1: "-ment..."
Meddy: "I got you a new hoodie, Holley. Your current one is getting a little ragged and smelly."
Holley: "It is against my personal beliefs to wash comfy clothing."
Meddy: "I also got you the number of this cute boy that works in the su-"
Holley: "Sherry, what's that box you got there?"
Sherry: "I purchased this charming Ravana-Mech dynamic action statue."
Holley: "Very nice! It looks just like it did from Vassago's Counterattack."
Sherry: "Also these history books about the struggles of the-"
Holley: "Harriet, you really didn't need to get me anything. But if you did, I'll take it anyway."
Harriet: "Mmmm..."
Holley: "Oooh nice, Node War Online premium pass! Now I can muscle in on Doomswarm's territory."
Epsilon 1: "Hello, Holley."
Holley: "Ugh, who invited you."
Epsilon 1: "I was unaware it was your birthday, so I was unable to obtain anything."
Holley: "What a shame."
Epsilon 1: "I found these bolts on the way here. I hope they will be suitable."
Holley: "...Okay then."
Holley: "Anna, what very cool item did you get me?"
Anna "The skull of Prophet Amarikzl'ratn, keeper of the Sinful Flame and Dagger of the 45 Frozen Nights. It is said its powers directly brought down 13 Vasudan Dynasties during the period known as "The Year of 27 Dynasties.""
Holley: "Thats... actually pretty cool."
Holley: "(Mental note: Regift to Epsilon 1 when possible)"
Holley: "Daddy, daddy. What did you get me?!"
Merv "Why I got you the gift of added responsibilities. In addition to cleaning the bathroom, you'll be cooking every second-"
Holley: "That's great daddy."
Holley: "Okay, Delta 1, what crazy thing did you get?"
Delta 1: "Before I give you it, I'd just like to say a few words."
Holley: "Oh boy."
Delta 1: "It was difficult to select the perfect gift. It is all too easy to choose something that will be forgotten or regifted at the first opportunity."
Delta 1: "What then is the secret to a good gift? Permanence. Sentimentality. Universality."
Holley: "(Maybe he'll finish in time for my next birthday.)"
Delta 1: "And with that I searched every single store on the station looking for something that met those qualities."
Anna "I can unfortunately attest to the literalness of that statement."
Delta 1: "At last I had found it and knew this would be a timeless treasure for you."
Delta 1: "Please enjoy."
Holley: "...What is it?"
Delta 1: "It's a holo picture frame. You can upload pictures of all the good times we all have had together, recollect on them and-"
Holley: "Oh hey, it has a video input. I can use this as another monitor."
Delta 1: "W-what. N-no, it's-"
Holley: "I'll be able to keep up with the Speedruns of Aftermath: Reboot while raiding."
Delta 1: "..."
Delta 1: "...G-good... I'm... I'm glad."
Meddy: "Well, that's everyone. Time for the cake!"
Holley: "Oh... yeah..."
Meddy: "Hey, where'd it go?!"
Sherry: "We placed it in the kitchen while we were setting up..."
Holley: "You expected cake, but it was eaten by me! Holley!"

Luckily they had a back up cake and everyone had fair and balanced portions!

(Mega props to Spoon for his unprompted artistic works that inspired this!)


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Holley: "I'll be able to keep up with the Speedruns of Aftermath: Reboot while raiding."
I died  :wakka:

But seriously, how did that stream thing even explode like this (and why around Aftermath, there's a lot of other bad campaigns...)?
How do you kill a hydra?

You starve it to death.


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Well Aftermath was the first campaign "The Lads" were streaming on twitch/discord and that's what drew people in.

Also c'mon guys, get that speedrun down to under 10 hours!