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for my perspective in the real world any attack has to approach at a limted velocity with government detection systems able to track everything for several minutes or more before they strike offering a responce buffer.  In the Freespace universe we have a transit system which allows attackers to strike with little or no warning right on top of the target greatly increasing the deficit between attack detection and defender response to the point where a determined attack can cause critical damage, and if fighter based depart, before a response can realistically leave the hanger.

this key difference to me means that at least a token defense is needed if only to stall aggressive actions until help can arrive

Trivial Psychic:
Looks like a good compliment to the Karnak.  :yes:


--- Quote from: Black Wolf on May 10, 2013, 01:13:24 pm ---Also has a name now - Abydos

--- End quote ---

Abydos, isn't that the name of a Typhon class detroyer in Pandora's Box?

The way I see it (from a technical point of view)- deleting a turret takes just 15 seconds- 5 seconds to delete it in PCS, 5 seconds to click on Notepad, and 5 seconds to disable the turret's .tbl entry.

If someone wants an unarmed base, it's just a few clicks away from it; if someone wants more turrets- the existing ones can be copied and moved around; but importing a turret might be a bit more of a hassle (import turret model, textures, rescale to fit the ship model, etc).

As such I suggest putting a couple to fill out empty space, to make it easier for other modders if they need to play around with the numbers and placements of turrets.

In fact if I ever make a 2nd iteration of T-M ships, the turret barbettes will all be separate subobjects from the main hull for easier (re)moving.

From an in game perspective- I'm quite sure the Elysium is used for civilian purposes and it does have a turret; guess that's the FreeSpace way of doing business- somewhere in the timeline a lawyer decided that the 2nd Amendment applies to space ships.

Black Wolf:
OK, well, the general feedback here and on IRC seems pretty consistent, so I'll probably arm (at least nominally) most of my future installations, unless there's a good reason not to. I certainly will arm the Abydos - I may even just go nuts with the armament and let people pull off the turrets as they see fit.

--- Quote from: Macfie on May 11, 2013, 10:19:57 am ---
--- Quote from: Black Wolf on May 10, 2013, 01:13:24 pm ---Also has a name now - Abydos

--- End quote ---

Abydos, isn't that the name of a Typhon class detroyer in Pandora's Box?

--- End quote ---

Possibly. I'm not sure, but reusing names has never really been an issue, especially when we're talking about going from the name of a specific ship to the name of a class, and a different class to boot. While I wouldn't want to call my new station the GVI Cheops, because of the obvious clash, I don't think people will get confused in this case.

More shots of the ever-inching-forward texture. Just need to decide what to do with the pylons now.
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