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FS2 Cockpit, Thrust, and Glide Mod

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I must have removed the link when I modified the post. Here it is again.

The mod is called FS2 Cockpits, Thrust, and Glide Mod

I modified the very first post I made to reflect.

This is the link from knossos

Only ships with cockpits are ulysses and herc 2 all the others have the thrust and glide mod applied

The transparency is a bit trickier to get right since I can't apply it locally, it's applied to the entire texture but I can give it another go and see how it comes out. Just need to settle in on an approach and then begin modeling for the rest of the ships.

Iain Baker:
Superb! Having now rewatched the video on a big screen I can say:

Flight mechanics look superb!

The open cockpit looks good but the rear view looks kinda odd. Also it looked like there was a big hole in the floor of the cockpit between the pilots legs.

The transparent one looks better, although I couldn’t see the targeted ship in the viewer thingy.

Are the cockpits compatible with this?

And the HD hud icons?

If getting the cockpits to look right proves to be too much of a headache then perhaps release the flight mechanics as a separate addon / mod as this is arguably what would have the greatest positive impact on gameplay. Outstanding work BTW, IMO this is exactly what FS should have had back in ‘98 😎👍

Thank you!

For the wingmen and HD Icons I can make them compatible with those mods.

Getting the cockpits to look right is not a headache just want to take the best approach.

As for the thrust mod I can drop the tbm file here but is there a better place that people would have easier access to it?

I also figured out local transparency that is not difficult. Check out my updated Ulysses and Herc 2 cockpits and let me know if this strikes better the balance of immersion, but practicality of viewing all around you clearly.

Iain Baker:
Re where to place the thrust tables. How about making two separate mods on Knossos. One for the flight mechanics, one for the cockpits, then mod creators can set either or both as dependencies as they see fit? This raises a good point in general, where should files that are not specifically mods ‘live’ where they can be easily found. I’ll ask around.

As for the cockpits - not sure. Getting cockpits to work right in FS has always been a pain I think, probably because retail FS wasn’t set up for it. The BSG themed mods do a good job with a fairly minimalist cockpit, but they have the advantage of only having a few ship classes to model.

Metal destroyer’s videos show lots of cockpit mods from a while back.  I think they are part of HLP so they might be worth chatting to.

Just stumbled upon this too. Might prove handy if you haven’t seen it already.

Iain Baker:
Just gave the knossos version a go. Absolutely superb!

Quick question, if the flight mechanics mod has ships in its table(?) that a campaign doesn't, will that cause a problem? I'm guessing not since FS2 doesn't have the BP ships in it and it worked fine - or did you take the BP ships out of the one on knossos? I ask, as I can see myself creating a file that adds EVERY playable ship in every campaign including those that make heavy use of non-retail ships - Exile, Shadow Genesis, Reunion, etc etc. which I can point any campaign to, since I really can't see myself playing any FS campaign without this now  :cool:


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