Author Topic: Remember RakNet? Enter SLikeNet.  (Read 730 times)

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Remember RakNet? Enter SLikeNet.
So, at one point there was talk about RakNet potentially being a candidate if someone ever wanted to completely gut and replace the in-game multiplayer code.  Then they were acquired by Occulus, who open-sourced it but the project hasn't had a commit since 2015.  Out of curiosity I checked for fork activity, and found SLikeNet, which has had very recent activity (GitHub).  Still not sure if it would be useful to us ever, but can probably replace any discussion of RakNet with this library going forward.
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Re: Remember RakNet? Enter SLikeNet.
Valve has just released their cross-platform socket library which provides some useful features:
I'm not sure if it is useful for our purposes since it doesn't provide anything more than we currently have but maybe it's better than the existing code.