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RELEASE - Shrouding the Light

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Also... You made this a Vasudan POV Campaign. And for this, I will love you forever! *Big ol' kiss*

Blaise Russel:

Almost forgot - kudos to Lightspeed for his astounding backgrounds, the FSPort team for all the superb FS1 stuff (and new Vasudan weapons), and Dark for the excellent GVI Cheops. Tsk... where are my manners?

&%#$@ school!  No time!  NO TIME!

(Maybe over Christmas break... :D)

Ack! I forgot how crappy the Anubis really is... :(

Anywho, excellent so far. But the first mission, I think would have been better sans hud. ;)

Mad Bomber:
(curses slow dialup, then curses Verizon and Comcast for never laying cable in West Marlborough Township :mad: )

Still, lookin forward to playing it, once I get all this stuff downloaded... :)


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