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I wonder whether the controllers will appear on our beloved PCs.


--- Quote from: Flaser on July 25, 2006, 02:17:16 pm ---I wonder whether the controllers will appear on our beloved PCs.

--- End quote ---

Doubt it. Far too 'niche' if it's non-standard; I mean, it's a control system that's radically different from anything else, you'd have to program specially for it.

Colonol Dekker:

Or more likely this?

Look at the control, Closely...............*cough usb cough*

(whisper*i know its a fake*whisper)

Pyro MX:
Well I'm glad that I have brought some laughs in there! :) Looks like I'll have to do it again sometimes heh!

Maybe you don't know, but at Sony's E3 press conference, one of the guys in the presentation actually said " features like real time... weapon change!" when talking about Genji 2.

Actually, one of the old Sidewinders from Microsoft had a tilt sensor in it. As fot the PS3 controller, they integrated a tilt sensor too - but it doesn't come close to what the Wii controller can do. Not to mention that they removed the rumble from the controller (some say that the controller's rumble was interferring with the sensor, others say it is because of the Sony/Immersion lawsuit). By the way Decker, only the first PS3 "controller" you shown was a fake. The second one is the real one. And it is a USB port - the PS3 has 7 of them I think.

But for PC, some done some interesting stuff with custom accesories - small one-hand controller and gyroscopic mouse for example.

Well, maybe I'll do another comic by the end of the week, who knows? :nervous:

Pyro MX:
Zoinks! Number 2 is here! This one is a little more HLP-driven.


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