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Old feature requests and comments, minus any off-topic posts, have been moved to,58050.0.html - Shade


I went through the old thread and tried to consolidate the requests.  I've also tried to prioritize the list.  Here's what I have so far.  Green = priority, yellow priority but can wait, regular text can wait for future builds.

-Mission file handling.  Prevent old versions from overwriting newer ones.
-In game joining
-Mission difficulty/spawns/time/kill limit defaults
-ship/weapon loadout restrictions per wing (Kara seems to have plans for this)
-Observer to player switching (feature of ingame joining)
-support for more then 8 or 12 players
-points and tracking for shooting down bombs
-points and tracking for subsystems and turrets
-goal and event scoring (think this is done but is it turned on?) [Note: Works in 3.6.10 - Requires aiprofiles.tbl to enable]
-way to tell what players are running which mod
-way to tell what players & servers are running which build/revision
-TvT kill limit warning (same as coop) Not sure about time since matches can be time based.
-pilot renaming (FS2netD side)
-stat and medal update from server
-Better mod handling as far as mission selecting goes especially for standalones. See Mantis 1853


-recommendations per player
-lobby to game chat
-An extension of Improved Team Loadout to allow players (in coop) or teams (in TvT) to draw from a total ship pool instead of using the respawn count, and keep respawning until that pool is empty.


-The ability for players to assign themselves to wings, as opposed to the host.
-Working rearm/repair system, even after you've respawned (though it could cancel the current rearm/repair request). [Note: Works in 3.6.10]
-Client response improvements to accurately show missile hits and primary weapon damage registered, as opposed to the current system where you can pound the shields of an enemy vessel and see hits, but in reality you're missing on every shot.


-an "In hud" scroll bar to see all your teams ships and status.  Enemy teams too


-Does the stand-alone server support "off-site" hosting for files needed on the server?


-Better client targeting


-How about the ability to see the ready status of players while you are still selecting loadout?


-Different colours for text in the lobby, like the ones we get when you are already in a game.


-Ability to continue a multiplayer campaign where it was left off.


-Ability to set player spawn locations to 'near ship', 'docking bay' and such, same way AI arrivals can be.

These along with Shades original request list. 

For some time now, I've had a little list on which I've written down any things and ideas that came to mind as being potentially nice to have for FS2 multiplayer. Most of it is stuff I know will likely never happen, but one can dream, right? So anyway, I'm curious about what ideas everyone might have about making multiplayer better, so I figured I'd start a thread about it and lead off with my own list. So here goes, listed roughly in the order I'd ideally like to get them - Now go ahead and add your own lists if you have them :)

* Seperate points tracking for Coop, TvT and Dogfight. 1
* Support for squadrons and tracking of their points in Dogfight and TvT. 1
* Support for tournaments, for both individuals and teams/squadrons. Would be nice if winners could get a trophy. 1
* A seperate "trophies" case to go along with the medals case, to hold tournament trophies. 1
* Expanded medal case to allow for additional achievements, both automatically granted on certain conditions (like ace badges) and given on a per-mission basis. Examples could be badges for 10, 30 and 50 kills in a single mission, surviving a dogfighting or TvT session without getting killed at all, having played 50% and 100% of all the validated missions at least once, and the like, as well as just a load of extra medals for use in new MP missions. 2
* Player limit bumped for both coop and pvp missions.
* A "validation council" of experienced players and FREDders that will create a set of guidelines that a mission must meet to be validated, and then handle the testing of new missions for the purposes of validation based on those guidelines. 3
* Revisit of validation for existing validated missions, either fixing up/rebalancing ones that are bad or removing their validation alltogether. 3
* Points bonus for the first 3 times one earns a medal in coop (say, 2000pts for the first time, then 1000 and finally 500), to take the focus away from constantly replaying easy missions like RI that require zero ability or practise and onto playing more challenging missions.
* Also a somewhat smaller points bonus for beating any coop mission for the first time on a given difficulty, but no bonus (not even reduced) for repeats. Something like 200pts per difficulty level would seem reasonable, with previously given bonus point on a mission subtracted from the bonus if it is later beaten on a higher difficulty. Ie. if the first win is on normal, that gives 600pts, and if it is later beaten on insane, that gives another 400 (1000-600) and will never give bonus points again. 4
* Finally, the number of validated missions beaten on each difficulty level should be displayed in the pilot profile. Perhaps even with a detailed list available that shows on which difficulty the player has beaten each mission. 4
* Automated match-making function for TvT (random people on each team, chosen from those using the function), arranged TvT (you form your own team, but opposing team is randomly selected from other teams using the same function), and dogfight. 5
* Seperate rankings that are only affected by wins from fights started through automatic match-making. 5
I used to have stand-alone servers and a multiplayer lobby at the very top of the list, but 3.6.10 seems to take care of this nicely. It's nice when your top two issues are taken care of before you even say anything ;)

1 Between them these will make the game hugely more interesting to competitive-minded players and squadrons.
2 This will add lots of flavour to new missions, as you wouldn't just have the same old medals to win.
3 We're sorta already doing this, but it's not at all organized, we're just getting annoyed at mission bugs during our games and agreeing to fix the worst issues we run into or ditch missions that are beyond repair. (No updates or removal of the original PXO validated missions)
4 Intended as an incentive to try all of the missions at least once, as well as to play them on higher difficulties.
5 If this sounds a lot like the way works, that's because I think that's the best system for random matches and non-coop rankings.

Hm... a separate list for scored assists, maybe?

It'd be nice to know if I damaged a given main target (corvette, destroyer, whatever) enough to at least have an assist on it (there IS a limit below which a few hits won't even record as assists, right? Of course, it should be kept that way...) .

That would also sort of aid the "list of played/won missions" that is mentioned somewhere in your list... :)

...though, admittedly, it propably would be a general pilot-change that also would carry over to SP and not only MP . Maybe some people would not like that? :confused:


--- Quote from: Mav on January 12, 2010, 10:13:07 am ---there IS a limit below which a few hits won't even record as assists, right? Of course, it should be kept that way...
--- End quote ---

There is, and you can now set that to whatever you like via the AI_profiles table.

Ability to continue the campaign in multiplayer game.

That's a really big ask in such a short sentence actually..


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