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Thanks to taylor, we've had normal mapping since the Xt builds. Along with it, we've had support for reading height maps for a while but the shaders never did anything with them.

So I'm pleased to finally announce some formal height mapping support in Freespace. I've coded relief mapping which will finally allow our models to have raised/depressed occluding surfaces not part of the mesh.


Axem's Rahu:

Axem's Rahu (Without Relief Mapping for comparison):

Height Maps Are Cool:

Win32 Test Build:

Win64 Test Build:

WIP Source:

No test data included but maybe Axem can post the test models he gave me here (Or give me permission to share them)

ooooh... moar shinys! *grabs build*  :D

oooh oooh oooh, very nice sir, thank you!  :yes:

Trivial Psychic:
Does that mean that damage decals can now cause depressions in a target's hull?

Luis Dias:
is dis some form of geomod


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