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[Request] "Remote Detonate" Assistance

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Seeing the Käfig thing, does FSO now support negative/reverse spawn or did you worked around that?

$Minimum Spawn Angle is a recent addition which is what makes reverse spawning possible; EatThePath told me that is a reality since the nightlies of early June (20200609).

Colonol Dekker:
These are interesting.  Looking forward to seeing them implemented / expanded.

Oh that's a nice thing~

I don't know if you found a solution, but I thought it was an interesting problem and tried to solve it myself.

It required me to make a custom build of FSO to expose the explosion's radius to the Lua API, though, so it'd still depend on it being accepted and merged into the core FSO repository.

Enemy ships within the "Outer Radius" value for the weapon's explosive are highlighted in yellow (it looks white in the video but that's just because the recording isn't very high quality).
My build also exposes the "Inner Radius" value to the scripting API, so one could theoretically highlight in different colors depending on how much damage is expected, and even do a gradient.


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