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Animated Skyboxes Broken
I've been working with TBP, and its Hyperspace environment uses an animated skybox to create a shifty background.  It's been a bit since I tested a hyperspace mission, and was surprised to find the texture has become static.  I began working back through builds to find exactly when this was introduced, and it seems that it started with the Oct. 25th build.  I checked the commits for that build and found this:

upgrade texture animation code to use new timestamps

Now, either someone didn't take into account something with skyboxes, or a new system was implemented to offer a wider range of controls for animated textures, which has deprecated what TBP uses.  So, is this a bug, or a new feature that I need to account for?
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Re: Animated Skyboxes Broken
Pretty sure this is a bug. The timestamp changes should invisible to the user, I'll make sure it gets in the bug tracker.
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