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N1's making another campaign *insert groan here*

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Yeah, so Terror in the Tide got nowhere. I do have something different in the works (and with little mods too).

Name: None at the moment.

Missions: Each chapter should have 20-25 missions each (with about 4 different chapters).

What makes this so different? It's told from the viewpoints of several different races. You'll fly with a Terran rebellion, a GTVA fighter squadron, a Vasudan special ops unit, and, yes, even Shivan fighters (no mods except the player-ship tags and blah blah).

Release date: I'll try to get a demo or such out early next year, and when it's done, it's done.

Go ahead, groan. I'll get this one out.

EDIT: And if anyone wants a sample mission script, I'll send it for proof :p



Good luck with it!

Quite ambitious...

Knight Templar:
80 - 100 missions? Good luck with that....


--- Quote ---Originally posted by Raa Tor'h
Quite ambitious...
--- End quote ---


--- Quote ---Originally posted by Knight Templar
80 - 100 missions? Good luck with that....
--- End quote ---

Not at the same time. A chapter at a time, then work on the next, etc, etc. Plus, that's what favors are for :p


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