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Hey everyone,

We're reaching the stage when we'll be needing beta testers.  Testing everything from the mods, the tables, and the missions.  This will be a fairly intensive beta test and we'll need some serious help.

So with that in mind, if you have some interest in beta testing, please send me a Private Message through the forum.

1) Best E-mail contact (make sure this is here - it'll be easier to make up contact lists this way)
2) Any previous experience in MOD work or test work for FreeSpace projects
3) Why you would be best suited to help out
4) When you are available and for how long (i.e. when September arrives you become a hermit)

We need people to be trustworthy and available for testing when required.  This is not a request for people to sign up to play the campaign first.  Its got some serious bugs and we need people to help us work them out.

Also, you may not get a response for upwards of 2 weeks.  Bear with us as we go about getting things ready for testing.


Hope I get to test this baby and complain before it's released :p

How is your Beta testing procedure?

I'd love to help (I have a knack for being The Bastard That Found Yet Another F'ing Bug!! :D), but my availability time is rather erratic of late...

Night Hammer:
Im in!!!!! (if you still need em)


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