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--- Quote ---Originally posted by Viper1000
But will it look good for those who can support super mega detail?
--- End quote ---

It'll look like the screen shots on our website right now essentially.  Or better...

Night Hammer:
Im sure this has been asked already, but how big are the files gonna be?

Will this thing come as a complete package or will we already have to have SCP installed?

You'll prolly need SCP installed since it's a separate deal.

Silent Warrior:
I'd say SCP is a definite.

--- Quote ---It will not support standard Retail FreeSpace 2...we've used some of the new SEXP's that come with SCP and a few extra goodies.
--- End quote ---

As for a complete package (assuming one BIG file instead of LOTS of smaller files)... Well, boys/girls/Shivans/thingies, what's it gonna be? :D


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